July 4, 2022


We need Vigilance to be Free!

Zimbabweans are also committing disgusting crime in South Africa

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Zimbabweans both Shona’s and Ndebele’s are committing disgusting crime in South Africa.
I was almost killed by Zimbabweans in armed robbery. Though it was a witchcraft attack from my relative.

Witches incite a dangerous and evil spirit in attempt to end one’s life. You will be killed in armed robbery or accident but it will be them pushing it in their evil rituals. I am now full conscious of what is going on to me.

Zimbabweans are committing too much crime here in South Africa. Both people with permits and without permits. Car hijacking, armed robbery, house breaking and running away with cellphones in streets.

Johannesburg is now like hell. I have observed and seen many doing this.
This does not make South Africans righteous. There are more South African criminals doing armed robbery, house breaking, robbing drivers on robots and looting trucks and shops and destroying rail structures.

More criminals are South Africans. The population of South Africa is 60 million. The population of foreigners is 6 million. Logic will tell you that there are more South African criminals than foreign criminals.

There are those who burn thieves. These are vicious evil people and criminals though they pretend as if there are not. Mob justice is always wrong and evil. Many innocent people loose their lives after being wrongly identified. When a thief or criminal is caught hand him over to Police. Only shoot and kill in self defense. That is our limited authority.

It’s hopeless and all evil.

Zimbabwe and South Africa must bring back death sentence and official eliminate most of these criminals.

The Bible says people commit crime because there is no fear of the law.
A criminal is a criminal whether is hungry or not. His mind is determined to steal and cause destruction.

They have no morals and seek to benefit themselves at the expense of others. We don’t need such evil minds.
They are destroying innocent lives and causing havoc to communities.
I know there are no jobs. Life is hard everywhere but be patient. Work for that small pay, don’t talk too much or complain. Do those small things but legal that give you money. Say God thank you for what you have given me. Be happy even if you don’t have R1000 in bank account.

It’s dangerous to live with people whose only value is money. If the price is high they do anything to get money.
As for me if I am poor I will stay with my poverty rather than to be involved in crime and savages. I’m not at all interested in that.
It’s unlikely that Zimbabwe and South Africa will soon bring back death penalty for violent crime.

Our humanistic governments have no solution to ever increasing crime which they cause.

Let’s pray to God to bring this crime under control or for Jesus Christ to come soon and destroy this evil world.

By Collen Makumbirofa

Please May you support a Voice to the Voiceless on Crowdfunding Page here!

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