July 4, 2022


We need Vigilance to be Free!

SA Minister Aaron Motsoaledi arrested Zimbabweans going back home. Even South Africans are flabbergasted.

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South African Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has arrested hundreds of Zimbabweans going back home.

Their brother Elvis Nyathi was recently burned by hate filled South Africans in Diepsloot township, Johannesburg. Now the minister is stopping them from going back to their homes again. This is the plight of the oppressed in South Africa.

Thousands of Zimbabweans were killed fighting Mugabe. Tens of thousands were tortured for speaking out against Mugabe. South African ANC government was endorsing every rigged election in Zimbabwe.
The ANC government is responsible for the Zimbabwean immigration crisis.

Zimbabwean-SA immigration crisis is the outworking of the ANC evil foreign policy which supported the late President Robert Mugabe and destruction of Zimbabwean economy and social life.
Zimbabweans voted Mugabe out of power. Mbeki was saying “there is no crisis” in Zimbabwe and doing everything possible to support Mugabe’s evil and illegitimate government.

If South Africa was being ruled by whites they were not going to endorse election rigging nor support Mugabe’s satanism.

Now Zimbabweans are going back home you arrest them again. There is no common sense here. Aaron Motsoaledi must stop this political grandstanding. Stop illegal immigrants coming from Zimbabwe don’t stop those abandoning and leaving crisis torn South Africa.

Even South Africans are flabbergasted by Minister Aaron Motsoaledi action:
“The minister is barking a wrong tree. The Zimbabwean issue is not about boarders, but revolves around economic melt down in that country. Zimbabweans voted against ANC’s comrades in Zimbabwe but South Africa had the audacity to install an illegitimate government. If only South Africa had respected Zimbabwean people’s will then we wouldn’t be standing with this problem. President Mbeki acknowledged that they’s no crisis in Zimbabwe.” Joe Maps

“How come yet you said that you want all Zimbabweans to leave your country, now you are saying undocumented people are not allowed to leave your country, Mh…..a dzenyu ma South African. Munofunga se md……i.” Michael Mlambo

“藍藍藍藍藍藍藍this is a very good joke ….the Minister ordering the arrest of illegal foreigners who are already on their way to their country 藍藍藍藍藍藍. It’s also an expense to keep people in Prison…. because you will use tax payers’ money.”

“In as much as they keep on supporting Zanu Pf and ignoring the problem in Zimbabwe ,we will not stop entering illegal into their country”

“As long as u keep ignoring the grassroot problems y Zimbabweans flock SA,the immigration crises will kip overwhelming u.Start makin the right choices n decisions,this political grand standing u a pullin wil not stop anythin.”

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by Collen Makumbirofa

Please May you support a Voice to the Voiceless on Crowdfunding Page here!

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