August 18, 2022


We need Vigilance to be Free!

On fighting Crime I am on side of law abiding South Africans.

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When it comes to fighting crime in South Africa I am on the side of law abiding South Africans.
Crime affect us all in South Africa and we hate it.
I have holy anger against crime in South Africa. I would love to see all the criminals both South Africans and foreign nationals being put behind bars or being executed.

What I hate is us individuals going around committing crime in the name of fighting crime. Like what members of ‘South Africa First’ and ‘Operation Dudula.’ They are harassing employers, foreign nationals, stealing from immigrants and looting shops of foreign nationals. As well as promoting hatred or sowing the seed for genocide against immigrants.

These bitter citizens are being driven by evil, hate, jealous and envy for foreign nationals.
Foreigners are not responsible for unemployment or suffering in South Africa is being caused by other factors.
Poverty and hardship in life is not being caused by foreign nationals. Blaming foreigners for taking jobs or crime is cheap politicking.
Let’s fight crime together, let’s fight unemployment and poverty together. Foreigners are instead creating employment and good diversity.

As far as illegal immigrants are concerned. South Africa must give them temporary permits. As far as illegal Zimbabweans are concerned South Africa is responsible. Both Mbeki and Zuma’s government supported human rights abuses, destruction of the economy and election rigging in Zimbabwe and endorsed every rigged election. Therefore South Africa must support Zimbabwean immigrants.

Zimbabweans were fighting hard against the evil regime of President Mugabe. Many were killed, turtured and jailed. South Africa instead of supporting change in Zimbabwe it kept on aiding Mugabe’s autocratic rule by donating money and free electricity. In exchanging of politicians like Mbeki owning farms and mines in Zimbabwe.

South Africans and Zimbabweans have common problems which they must fight together.
Persecuting and harassing Zimbabweans is going to worsen South Africa’s Economic, social and political problems.

Immigrants and refugees deserve better treatment. Criminals put them in jail and hang some upside down.

Bring back death penalty in South Africa for capital offences.

by Collen Makumbirofa


Please May you support a Voice to the Voiceless on Crowdfunding Page here!

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