July 4, 2022


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Muslims who are better than some Christians

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By Collen Makumbirofa

There are some Muslims who are better than some Christians. They love peace and serve everyone in their businesses. They are more pro Godly than some Christians.

These are worse Christians: Who support divorce. Who support abortion. Who support wicked worldly music. Who support pro- pornograph politicians. If an idiot like Joe Biden come into White House these Christians are quick to support. Evil and health dangerous covid-19 vaccine they still support.

Everything immoral and anti-Christ they support.

While we were confronting and being killed by evil dictators like the late Robert Mugabe they maintain deafening silence and closed their doors on us. They are in fact good for nothing.

I don’t know why Churches in South Africa and Zimbabwe are still silent about devastating covid-19 vaccine?

Covid-19 vaccine is evil and killing people all around the world. The big and satanic phamarceutical companies are bribing our politicians. The agenda is to make more profit through vaccines and to destroy lives and to curtail civil liberties. Our freedom is going right before our eyes. Governments are becoming tyrannical all over the world.

Which God would want us to take this experimental Covid-19 vaccine which is already killing people and claiming health of unsuspecting victims worldwide?

Below read the Corona Virus vaccine Declaration from Muslims who are close to God than some Christians. Muslims who are our friends and allies against Globalists who are coming up with dangerous covid-19 vaccines and machinations to reset the world:

Timely Reminder of the Shariah on Vaccines

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Allah has not placed a cure for your diseases in things that He has forbidden for you.” (Baihaqi, Bukhari). And Allah has forbidden constituents that are inextricably harmful as the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam also said: “There (must be) no harm and no harming.” (Ibn Majah). And hence ‘vaccinations’ as we know them (including the current globally propagated COVID-19 vaccines) are not permissible by the Creator as vaccines contain proven harmful components such as:

bacteria, aborted fetal tissue, cells and blood from animals, harmful chemicals and neurotoxins such as formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, mercury, aluminum and others.

Vaccines can cause serious health problems, including permanent injuries and death.*

Do not kill yourselves, indeed God is the Most Merciful upon you.” (Qurʾan: 4:29)

Do not throw yourselves into destruction with your own hands. Do good, for God certainly loves those who do good.” (Qurʾan: 2:195)

Rather than being a treatment for the sick human body, vaccination introduces, in most cases, cancerous and neurotoxic substances. In other words, clearly harmful contents are administered into a healthy body. No case in the acquittal of the clear harmful outcomes of vaccination will have any legitimacy as long as the exponents of ‘vaccination’ fail to rationally respond to the solid medical findings of injurious effects, including permanent injuries and deaths caused by this particular intervention of ‘vaccines’ as known today.

After acquainting oneself with the overwhelming evidence of the clear harm and thus haraam of “vaccines” of the current criminal capitalistic drug manufacturing establishments a true Muslim will never believe that Shifa (healing) is contained in this concoction of neurotoxins and poisons, and, would never forget the irrefutable fact that Allah has not ordained the Shifa of His Ummah in the defiled – in najaasat – and substances which He has made harmful.

If one just takes a look behind the sophisticated veneer of the pharmaceutical industries’ propaganda the published proofs by medical experts conclusively proving the irreparable damage that vaccines cause to the human being are insurmountable. This makes more than clear the impermissibility to inject najaasat into our Allah entrusted bodies. Note it is by clear default according to the plain nass of the Shariah that “vaccines” as currently known are Haraam and thus Muslims will be held accountable by the Creator of consenting to this najaas intaking/injecting brew. For a Muslim supporter of vaccines the onus is on him/her to present an evidenced “fatwa” to make this obvious haraam concoction of vaccination as permissible – this task would be a tenuous one to say the least especially after being apprised of the overwhelming evidence of the clear harm and danger of ‘vaccinations’ since its inception from the late 18th century. Hence it is Waajib to abstain from the rijs (filth) of ‘vaccines’ just like it is obviously Wajib in Islam to abstain from taking/inserting a known poison into a healthy body.
He makes lawful to them what is good and pure and prohibits them what is foul and impure.” (Qur’an 7:157)
*For References & Resources on the Inextricable Harm/Haraam of “Vaccines” click HERE.
Source: https://shariahonvaccines.page.tl

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  1. If there is only one thing you get to know about the real Islam–start with this fatwa of the Shariah Law.

    Here is more on what the real Islam is which overlays the Founding principles of America:


    Here’s how most people in the world have been fooled and deceived into making Humanity divided–especially what occurred on 9/11–with the evil agenda to divide Muslims and Christians in all continents:


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