July 4, 2022


We need Vigilance to be Free!

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Elvis Nyathi was burned because he didn’t have R300 to Pay ¨Operation Dudula.¨

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Elvis Nyathi
Remains of Burned Elvis Nyathi

The members of an evil organization called Operation Dudula demanded R300 from Elvis Nyathi to let him go. Unfortunately he had none by that time. His wife paid R50 and they let her go.

These are hungry criminals bending on stealing from foreigners. What they want is money and free goods so they create a situation to rob and steal.

How can 2 million Zimbabweans in South Africa take jobs of 15million unemployed South Africans? This is rubbish. How can a population of 3million FOREIGNERS in South Africa produce more criminals than 46 million population of South Africans. This show how much hatred has blinded us. They are many illegal immigrants from South Africa working in Israel, UK, Australia and African countries. I don’t advocate that they be removed from these countries. My prayer is that citizens in these countries help them and even help them get papers.

We are one human race here. We don’t have to kill our poor brothers for man made borders. They deserve all respect, some are fleeing political and religious persecutions and some are fleeing fatal economic hardship. Yes there is nothing wrong in going to any country to look for food to help your starving family.

South Africa has the most professional police in Africa. SAPS is very respected by all people. SAPS is undertaking many heroic acts to protect people of all races and tribes. We must always assist SAPS when there is kidnapping or any crime by Calling 112 or 10111.

I have caused many criminals to be arrested by SAPS. The latest one was a Truck dumping garbage in my street. I called SAPS in less than 7minutes the Police arrested that Truck driver.

By Collen Makumbirofa


email: makumbirofa@protonmail.com

Please May you support a Voice to the Voiceless on Crowdfunding Page here!

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