August 18, 2022


We need Vigilance to be Free!

Christians retreating! Corona Virus & Marxism taking over!

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Christian theology is retreating. The world is falling to socialism and communism.

The whole idea of Christianity is to embrace all. To embrace all areas of life, Social media, State, School, Hospital and Church.
Unfortunately Christianity has only been reduced to a personal religion. Religion of the heart only. God will help me find a Job when you get a job you end there. God help me start a business when business has been started you end there

I will keep my Christianity to myself. The religion becomes emotional and it end there.
Christianity must have a world agenda. To conquer the whole world for Christ. To conquer all areas of life for Christ.

The Church must sponsor extreme Christian politicians and business starters. Start schools or take over Schools.
Our eschatological view should be to collapse the humanistic society directly or by inflitration.

At parliament, members of parliament should be persuaded or bribed to enact pro-Godly laws. To enact laws that allow citizens to own firearms. To enact laws that are pro-life – meaning anti-abortion and anti ethunasia. To enact laws that bring death sentence to capital offenders. We have thousands of criminals walking free in streets who should be hanged for murder, rape and armed robbery.

In Christianity there is righteous violence, there is righteous deception. You are allowed to lie to thieves. You are allowed to lie to save lives. It’s a righteous action.

Abraham organised a military group to rescue Lot from heathens. Genesis 13,14

Christianity is foolishly surrendering all areas of life to communist and humanist then expect to inherit the Kingdom of God. Christians are at retreat.

I have not heard Churches denouncing this fake Corona Virus. The Church has numbers imagine if all Churches in South Africa tell their members that Corona Virus is fake and anti-Christ what will happen. But it’s not like that. Church leaders are falling on top of each other rushing to the que for fake vaxxination and expect miracles when the jab poison is taking its toll on their bodies.

If we let them destroy jobs there are no miracle jobs. If we let them poison us there is no miracle healing. We will perish.

If we let communist and evil people rule us from the Whitehouse and Socerers- Pharmaceutical companies there is rapture. We will be severely persecuted and killed for not believing in what they want.

It’s self deception to think you will be taken to heaven in a chariot of fire when things get tough here on earthy. You will never be Elisha. Never! We must fight our way out. We must use our minds and allow the Holy Spirit in us to direct us to victory.

This idea of rapture is fantasy, it’s fake. How many Christians are being killed World Wide? How many Christians are being affected in Australia’s current riots against this diabolic Covid-19 vaccination?

Jesus Christ has now been reduced to a Lord of hearts only. Lordship means all areas of life, Politics, Churches, Businesses, Social media, Schools, Parliaments, Homes and everywhere.

The current major areas that need Christ’s Lordship are Schools, Churches and politics.
****This articles will be updated.

By Collen Makumbirofa


Please May you support a Voice to the Voiceless on Crowdfunding Page here!

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