July 4, 2022


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Castrating captured Russian Soldiers is evil. Letter to Gennadiy Druzenko

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Newspapers are reporting that hospital owner Gennadiy Druzenko told his doctors to castrate fallen Russian Soldiers.

Gennadiy Druzenko, 49, told Ukraine-24 channel about Russian military prisoners of war: “I have always been a great humanist and said that if a man is wounded, he is no longer an enemy but a patient.

“But now [I gave] very strict orders to castrate all [captured Russian] men, because they are cockroaches, not people.”

Russian Soldiers at the forefront can be shot and killed. It’s legal under international law and it’s the right thing to do.
We know Russians are culprits and invading Ukraine. Committing atrocities against Ukrainian civilians but castrating captured soldiers is inhuman and evil. It’s a war crime under international law. It’s immoral.
Anger and war must not make us that evil but must produce reason and moral strength.
Captured soldiers on both sides must be treated well. Castrating captured soldiers or abusing them in an way is gross evil and unacceptable.

Even in war sanity and rationalism must prevail. May this invasion of Ukraine stop. May bombing of civilian targets stop and castrating of captured soldiers not be attempted.

I support sovereignty of Ukraine and human rights of Ukrainians.
Russia’s invasion of this independent country was a product of envy and jealousy.

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by Collen Makumbirofa

Please May you support a Voice to the Voiceless on Crowdfunding Page here!

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