July 4, 2022


We need Vigilance to be Free!

South Africa ready for Genocide against foreign nationals!

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Conditions for Genocide of foreign Nationals to take place in South Africa are ready. In weeks to come foreign nationals will be attacked by “Operation Dudula” and “South Africa First.” These Groups are mobilising all around South Africa.
Wherever “Dududa” leaders go they are popular. Even in Diepsloot where Elvis Nyathi was burned to death “Operation Dudula” leader Nhlanhla Lux was received with much enthusiasm.

They are wicked and have no value for the sanctity of human life.

Wife & Remains of Elvis Nyathi burned by South Africans

It seems like these populist evil Movements are being supported by powerful people in South Africa. Why can’t the South African President ban them, once and for all? Some silent powerful politicians are supporting Operation Dudula.

The South African government was supposed to ban these vigilante groups. There is evidence that they are using hate speech, violence and unlawful means to achieve their agenda of getting rid of foreigners.

African foreign governments must start liaising with the South African government so that they can send their military to protect their people in South Africa. Especially Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Nigeria.

Operation Dudula is not about illegal immigration, it’s agenda is to eliminate all foreign nationals. South African Police alone is capable of handling the issue of illegal immigrants.

So far more than 5 Nigerians and Zimbabweans have been killed. This include Elvis Nyathi who was brutal murdered in Diepsloot. In Capetown, KZN, Johannesburg hundreds have been injured and displaced by recent Xenophobic violence.

To those foreign nationals who have no ties in South Africa I urge you to leave as a matter of urgency. You will be surprised how impoverished the majority of Zimbabweans are in South Africa. Most of them staying in townships: Diepsloot, Alexandra, Khayilitya, Langa, Soshanguve, Mabopane,Tembisa,Soweto, Durban, Witbank, Rustenburg, Khathu Northern Cape they don’t have money to leave. Buses in Johannesburg to Harare cost R1500 (USdollar $102). In other areas it will cost more than R2500(USdollar $171). What is only keeping them in South Africa is hope that one day things might be better.

The Zimbabwean government and NGO’s should at least provide transport for men, women and children to leave as soon as possible. “Operation Dudula” is preparing for a genocide of foreigners and this is serious.

All the evils South Africans are committing against foreign nationals is going to hunt them for years to come. Soon Africans will wake up to this black apartheid in South Africa.

Now is the time to act with urgency.

by Collen Makumbirofa
Email: makumbirofa@protonmail.com

Please May you support a Voice to the Voiceless on Crowdfunding Page here!

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